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Hand made clipping path service

1. Magic Wand Tool Clipping path vs Hand made clipping path.

In carefully designed catalogs, websites, brochures and books, images inspire the audiences. If you want to make a stunning background like what you always see on posters, you need clipping path.

When you read a magazines, try to focus on the ad pages. Can you see beer ad with mountain for a background? Or a waterfall that was set behind a bottle of shampoo? These images are called silhouetted images. When you say silhouette, it means that an image does not have a background of its own. It uses either text or other images as its environment. But before you can make this kind of image in Photoshop®, you will have to create a Clipping Path first.

There are several ways to create Clipping Path:

Use the Magic Wand Tool, converts any selection of the image into a path. That's an easy way. But it will create too many anchor points, and some wrong selected area must to be corrected lately. Too many anchor points will make film output very slow even choked to "a total stop" in printing process.

This case below shown the difference between Magic Wand Tool and Pen Tool in path making method:

Step 1: Magic Wand Tool selected an area.

Magic Wand Tool make selection

(This is a close up of drum set image. Those red arrows indicate wrong selected area.)

Step 2: Convert Magic Wand selection to Clipping Path shown as below:

Magic Wand Tool converts selection to Clipping Path
(Those red arrows indicate some unacceptable area. Too many? Yes, it takes time to correct them.)

This image below show the Clipping Path made by Pen Tool. Clean, Precise, Much less anchor points -- Beautiful !

Hand drawn clipping path

Set path to Clipping Path. To do so, from the path palette submenu, choose the Clipping Path. A dialog box will open. This allows you to choose which path to use as a Clipping Path. Now you can save the file in EPS or TIFF file format. This will mask bitmap image when placed into page layout programs or drawing software. Through this, any bitmap image will have high quality and will be resolution-independent.


Customer comments:

Your work are so good, how can you guys keep up with this?
------ kohar

Whoa, your path work are excellent!
They are PRO!

Thank you for your excellent service!
This bunch of images have paths on them, made by other company...not good! Please outline them again!
------ Neil

Your job is really good! I’ll recommend to my friends!
------ Chuck



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