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Hand made clipping path service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is business focus of your company?
We make path on digital images' edges. Some people call it "outlining", "knock out", “cut off”, etc. We make paths for graphic designers, catalogers, ad agencies......especially those who have strong demand on clean and crispy digital images in catalog designs.

How do you do the paths, by which graphic software?
We draw path by PhotoShop® "pen" tool. The path is hand-made, not by "magic wand", or other kinds of "automatic way".

How do you quote your work of making path?
Digital images are different and the difficulty is sometimes unpredictable. We work with our clients closely, communicate clearly and we are very confident about our pricing structure. The guideline of pricing is that we give a flat rate on items, such as per ring, per lamp, etc, count the total pieces and that is the quotation. Some items are hard to define the workloads, we will give you estimation before we send you the invoice. Please give us a call if you have more questions about pricing. We are happy to listen to your advice.

An important change of our policy!
Do you charge for urgent order or emergency?
No. We have changed our policy recently, emergency fee is waived! We will NOT charge Emergency if customer wants to get the job "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE"!

After years of experience working with designers, we trust our clients' own judgement about project planning and scheduling. They will give us reasonable time to handle small or big jobs of all kinds.

Which computer platform files can you accept?
We accept both PC and Macintosh files.

How do you transfer orders and deliver your works?
We have set up an FTP server and we can provide folder for your orders exclusively. You can UPLOAD your order and DOWNLOAD images with paths through this connection. We also accept couriers, such as FedEx, to do the delivery.

How do you resolve the quality issue about your works?
We are trying all our best to do the paths accurately with the least anchor points. Accuracy reflects our capability about finding details on images, and the least anchor points, the fastest speed your output runs. We would like to work with our clients about their quality concerns on our works. You are welcome to check on those samples on our website and give us your feedback



Customer comments:

Love to work with you more! The best service ever!
------ Carl

Thanks a bunch for everything! Quality is amazing!

Wish have known you guys a year ago! Your work saved us so much of time and energy on current project!
------ Laura

I thought you guys are crazy to take this touch work from beginning. Now I know you're real PROs!
------ Mandy



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